Regd. No.14/2010

ఈ సంస్థ ఎటువంటి (మతపరమైనటువంటి) ఇతర సంస్థలకు సంబంధించింది కానీ, అనుబంధమైనది కానీ కాదు. ఇది పూర్తిగా స్వచ్చంద సేవకోసం స్థాపించబడినది......

Regular Weekly Sessions at GBE Primary School, Balkampet every Monday- 9am to 11:30am for 2016-17

12th Session@19th September, 2016

We have successfully completed our regular weekly session at GBES school, Balkampet from 9am to 11:30. Please find the highlights of the session conducted on 12/9/2016 and 19/9/2016 There was no classes on 05/09/2016 Due to Vinayaka Chavithi.

Please find the highlights of the session:

  1. Distributed 30plates Upma and 15plates Idlis to around 45 children's.
  2. Taken attendance and made sitting arrangements.
  3. One children wrote about constitution and its formation which we read and explained in d class.
  4. Explained about 8directions( Ashta dikkulu) in d form of diagram.
  5. Revision of songs
  6. Explaining and assignment of below task for Dasara holidays
  • a. Gave 3 papers which consists of fill in d blanks relating to Sarala padalu, coloring d picture, writing name of picture in telugu
  • b. Preparing best out of waste which excludes paper and plastic covers. This is to be done by GBES Team also. 
  • c. Gave 5 topics. Childrens have to select any one topic write about that topic in few lines, collect and paste d picture in one chart.
I want to thank volunteers for their participation, shyam tiffin's for providing delicious Upma,  sugunath( student of GBES) parents who supplied Idlis for us today and Bhanu who sponsored the breakfast for today
Volunteers participated:

1. Hima
2. Sravanti
3. Jhansi madam
4. Dhanesh.

11th Session@12th September, 2016

Please find the details of the session: 
  1. We have distributed around 180 Idlis to the children's.
  2. Distributed the school bags to the children's who were not present on 15th august.
  3. Taken attendance and divided the session.
  4. In swami Vivekananda, we taught Achulu, Hallulu, Sarala padalu by showing activity cards and making the children to write  word on d board. Also corrected their mistakes. This session was taken by shankar rao sir.
  5. In Mother Theresa and mahatma Gandhi, I gave a topic as Food. Asked them various question such as what is food, types of food, importance of nutritious food, disadvantages of junk food etc. This session was conducted by Me.
  6. Finally we have shown video related to good and bad friends.
  7. This breakfast was sponsored by Sravanthi.
I want to thank shyam tiffin's  for providing Idlis and also I want to thank Shankar Rao sir for participating and helping me in conducting session effectively.

Volunteers participated
1.Shankar Rao sir


Please give your valuable suggestion in this regard.

For more details please contact me on- 8885290990.

10th Session@29th August, 2016
Please find the highlights of d session:
  • On the occasion of birthday of Vivek (Jhansi madam), She sponsored the breakfast in GBE school.
  • Today Sarat and Naveen visited and interacted with the children during breakfast.
  • We distributed 160 idlis to around 45childrens.They are very happy with d taste which was prepared by Syam tiffin beside srinivas community hall.
  • Taken attendance and divided the session.
  • Jhansi madam taken session Swami Vivekananda class where she taught achulu,hallulu.
  • I have taken session for Mother Theresa and mahatma Gandhi where I checked homework of previous session. I have explained about self-introduction in English and Telugu. Made them to write in d notes and also told them to give their self-introduction. Few of them gave self-introduction only in Telugu and few of them in both Telugu and in English.
  • I want to thank Naveen and Sarat for their visit in school. I also want to thank Syam tiffin center who prepared Idlis for us.
  • Last but not the least I want to thank Jhansi Madam who helped me in conducting session successfully.
Volunteers participated:
3.Jhansi madam

9th Session@22nd August, 2016

Please find the highlights of the session:

1.Today we started our first breakfast distribution. We distributed Upma which was prepared by my father. Children liked very much
2. Taken attendance and explained the good habits
3. We divided the session.
4. In swami Vivekananda class we told children to write achulu, hallulu. We corrected and explained their mistakes. We also taught how to pronounce each Telugu alphabet
4. In mahatma Gandhi and mother Theresa, we told them to write English alphabets, conducted dictation for 25 words having A to Z corrected and explained their mistakes and same gave as home work.

I want to thank my parents who prepared the Upma for us.

I also want to thank all the volunteers who attended the session and helped me conducting session successfully.

Volunteers participated:
1. Sravanthi (new volunteer)
2. Satyanarayana
3. Samyukta
4. Shankar Rao sir

8th Session@15th August, 2016

  • Today ASWA celebrated independence day with GBES School children and staff in a grand manner.
  • A memorable day. Balkampet Corporator Mrs.Sesha Kumari along with her support staff attended the function.
  • At the start Shankar Rao Sir explained  about different ASWA activities in the presence of invitees and others which was later on appreciated by the Corporator.
  • After which ASWA  school bags with pencil, pen, eraser etc. were distributed by the corporator. She appreciated our efforts in helping the children in all aspects and advised the school to take our help and also assist us.
  • Vasavi club and youth for seva also participated in the celebrations. Snacks were given to the student and participants. Some of the parents who were present on the occasion appreciated ASWA efforts.  A real celebration enjoyed by all.

Volunteers participated :

1. waheeda
2.Shankar Rao Sir,
3. Samyukta,
7.Shantaram Sir,
8.Sarat chandra,
9.Srinivas Kilaru,
11.Bhanu (new Volunteer) and

ASWA School Bag Distribution on the occasion of Independence day

7th Session@8th August, 2016

There were no classes on 18/7/2016 and 25/7/2016 Due to Secunderabad and Balkampet Bonalu.

7th session details: 8/8/2016

1. Taken attendance. Total 33 students were present out of 43 childrens.
2.Conducted exam for Sarala Padalu- 150 words.
3. Conducted drawing competition
4. Conducted 3 games for all 5 classes.
5. From 2:30 pm parents of childrens were coming to school, so we stayed for more half an hr. and had a discussion with them.
Volunteers participated
3.Shataram sir

6th Session@18th July, 2016

  • Taken attendance and 39 children present out of 45.
  • Asked the reason for not coming d school for irregular students.
  • Ganapati sir taught easy way of doing subtraction. 
  • Samyukta taught a mathematics puzzle to form a word.
  • Divided the session into two groups for teaching basic subject.
  • Swami Vivekananda class:  taught acchulu with the help of video and gave same as home work(practice work)
  • Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi class: Taught fruits, birds, animals, vegetable names in Telugu and English and gave same as home work (practice work)

Note:  From this session we have changed the name of home work to practice work.

We also gave practice work to all the children to complete copy writing books which we gave last month.

Volunteers participated:

1.Shantaram sir
2.Ganapati sir

5th Session@11th July, 2016

  • Taken attendance and total 26 childrens came.
  • This week we celebrated as "HARITHA HARAM" Day in GBES.
  •  As per request of HM and Teachers, we have taught the childrens about the importance of plantation, process of water cycle, disadvantages of lack of trees, importance of oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Santosh told a moral story of "Akbar-birbal"
  • Revision of songs
  • Shown a video related to "Helping others"
  • Session for 15 min was conducted by HM and Teachers to explained about Haritha-Haram and supported teachers for conducting Haritha-Haram rally.
Volunteers participated:
1. Pooja (Dhanesh's cousin)
2. Shantaram sir
3. Samyukta
4. Santosh
5. Dhanesh

4th Session@04/07/2016

  • Taken attendance, collected contact no from those who have not given till now
  • Santosh told a moral story of Akbar-Birbal related to Truth-Lies
  • vision of songs taught last year, still they need to practice those again
  • Divided the session into 3groups and started the basic subject
  • Swami Vivekananda- taught  Achulu and gave same as Home work
  • Mother Theresa- Taught Gunintalu and gave same as Home work
  • Mahatma Gandhi- made them to write English alphabets, names of Birds, Animals and Fruits and paragraph reading of Telugu
Volunteers participated:
  1. M.Chandra Sekhar (New volunteer and brother of Jhansi madam)
  2. Jhansi Madam
  3. Santosh
  4. Dhanesh

3rd  Session@27/06/2016

  • Taken attendance, collected phone no from those who have not given last week
  • Conducted exam for all the children's about achulu,hallulu,gunintalu, Ottulu h dictation
  • Shankar Rao sir brought Srujana magazine and calendar given by Sri.Katanam Gangadhar tilak Sir, explained to childrens about this. Also a story" koti goppalu"from Srujana magazine was made to read from children and explained moral of it
  • Shantaram Sir told a moral story from "Adbhutha Phalalu"
  • Home work was assigned to them

Volunteers participated:
  1. Samyukta
  2. Santosh
  3. Shankar Rao sir
  4. Shantaram Sir
  5. Jhansi madam

2nd Session@20/06/2016

  • Distributed note books, copy writing to all the children's
  • Told them to write achulu, hallulu, gunintalu, ottulu
  • Santosh played a clapping game which all the children's enjoyed a lot
  • Collected contact no from the children's
  • played words Antyakshari

Volunteers participated:
  1. Jhansi madam
  2. Santosh
  3. Mahesh Desu
  4. Samyukta
  5. Shantaram Sir
  6. Dhanesh

1st Session@13/06/2016

  • Today was first day of school, so we had below activities in the session
  • We explained about ASWA activities, this year plans and objectives
  • We requested teachers to support us during our sessions for improvement
  • We distributed chocolates, biscuits on the occasion of birthday of our coordinator/vice-president  (Haritha. V)

Volunteers participated:
2.Shantaram Sir



Required Volunteers for GBE School, Balkampet- Every monday-9am to 11:30 am


As you all know from the last 4years (currently 5th year) we are conducting regular weekly session at Govt.boys elementary school, Balkampet, opp.nature cure railway station.

Here along with subject we are concentrating on overall development of the children’s. Different activities which we are conducting includes Subject, Moral value, Games, visit of Historical places, Breakfast distribution, cultural activities and many more.   Recently we have distributed ASWA school bags in the school.
We required 2 to 3 volunteers who can able to come regularly every Monday.

If you are interested  then please join us every Monday from 9am to 11:30am.

Please find few pics related to our activities
Session and Breakfast distribution:


Drawing by the childrens

Media coverage:

Venue details:

GBE School,
Opp.Nature cure railway station.
Near Balkampet temple.
Every Monday
Timing: 9am to 11:30am.

For more details please contact me on- 8885290990 or Haritha on- 9949789229.

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